Matching Outfits: Mommy and Daughter (5 Easy Tips for 2019)

When it comes to matching outfits mommy and daughter takes a very special place.

Let’s face it, as a mommy we all love that bright and shiny look our beloved daughter has and when you see her adorable clothes you probably asked yourself, “Do they come in my size?” or “Is there any matching outfits for mommy and daughter?”

The answer is YES! Matching outfits for mommy and daughter is a trending topic in 2019 and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

Nothing can compare to a mommy and daughter feeling of love, and the most valuable “heritage” you can give to her is the quality time you spend together enjoying and loving each other. There is no doubt about it.

How many times have you sneaked into your mommy's closet to wear her clothes? I bet a lot :)

Little girls are always amazed by what their moms do or wear and tend to imitate them. They love dresses, sunglasses and walking around in their mother's shoes, and sometimes, they also paint their nails or wear mommy's favorite makeup with lovely results.

Not only mommy and daughter share the same eye color, hairstyle or gestures. They also have in common their own style.

This is where matching outfits for mommy and daughter fits in by offering a fun way to do a creative bonding activity that keeps your relationship strong.

matching outfits mommy and daughter

The matching outfits for mommy and daughter became a fashion trend in 2019. The concept is said to have been popular for a long time in Russia and the Middle East; it has rapidly expanded to other countries, increasing its popularity in USA, Canada, Brazil, UK and Japan, among others, thanks, in part, to celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian going out in high end matching outfits with their own daughters.

This trend has kept growing over the years and many assure that it will keep on growing because of millennial mothers who love to dress like their daughters and spend quality time together while strengthening their relationship.

Let your imagination fly and be the cutest tag team ever! You’ll both love it, whether you are enjoying mommy and daughter time together at home or dressing up for a special occasion.

Choices are unlimited and you can match outfits like  dresses, swimwear, pajamas, T-shirts, costumes, and many more.

matching outfits mommy and daughter

If you want to buy matching outfits for mommy and daughter don’t miss these 5 tips we’ve prepared for you.

1 Create a bond: As we mentioned before, the time you spend together is the most valuable thing you can give your daughter; and bonding with your daughter is essential to strengthen mutual trust and genuine love in order to have a healthy, happy relationship.

Please don’t ruin that moment abusing of social media; enjoy that real time with your little girl by having a sleepover with matching pajamas and socks or going to the beach with the same swimwear can be really fun for both.

2 Keep a balance: Let your daughter participate and choose what she wants to match with you. Remember that wearing the same matching clothes every time could be boring. Choose together the right occasions and matching outfits, otherwise it may distort the little girl's concept of fashion.

3 Check together: Find the right matching outfit you both choose to wear in a online store to ensure and coordinate the theme of colors you want.

4 Share a catchphrase: Catchphrases still play an important role when those special moments take place. Queen & Princess or Best Mommy & Best Daughter are the most popular ones, but you can also request a customized phrase and have it read the exact text you like.

5 You don’t have to be an exact copy: Remember balance. You don’t necessarily need to wear the exact matching outfit for mommy and daughter. You can keep it simple, if your daughter wears a skirt, you can match your outfit with shorts or pants even with another kind of fabric in the same color.

Summer is just around the corner! So take advantage and try this amazing trend by strengthening your bond while enjoying life together.