Family Matching Outfits: A fun way to bond with your loved ones

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family matching clothes

Family matching outfits have become an ever increasing trend in our culture these past few years, and beyond the fact that it seems like a fun fashion choice, matching and complementing outfits among family members can have meaningful psychological benefits.

We consider some clothes to be powerful, some to be fun, and so on. We even evaluate people whom we have just met based on their clothes and the occasion. It would seem that we also evaluate ourselves and our roles based on what we are wearing at a particular time; because of the way they make you feel.

This means that the experience of wearing something subtly affects our attitudes and our choice of behavior.

A son can feel overjoyed when he gets to dress up like his dad, as well as a daughter when she can have a beautiful fancy dress just like mom. Wearing matching outfits has a way of making everyone feel like they are all working together to achieve one common goal. This encourages the mindset that you have each other’s backs, and when you come across a challenge you’re all in it together!

family matching outfits

When we dress up together as a family, we are stating to the world that we are a team, and clothes have the power to convey that message, both to the outside world as well as our home life by promoting a sense of team spirit and a sense of belonging.

Family is the first place where you are a member of a group, and the effects of a healthy family relationship reverberate into all other aspects of our lives and how we learn to socialize and interact with other people.

The need for acceptance is a basic human instinct – although some value it more than others. We all want to fit in, to belong. And the first place we need to feel accepted is at home with our family.

Family matching outfits can seem like a uniform of sorts, identifying the family unit as a team. As to why family members would want to dress the same, Carolyn Mair, author of The Psychology of Fashion, said it generated a sense of belonging. “It makes a positive statement about the family to observers, as it’s doubtful that a family or couple who were not in a good place emotionally would dress the same,” she said. “Wanting to show that we have shared meaning with another can be uniting. When we dress the same we can begin to think and behave the same.”

matching family outfits

So whether you go to the beach in family matching swimsuits or stay in for popcorn and a movie in family matching pajamas, you're creating a significant bond that emphasizes the sense of belonging, acceptance, loyalty, and kinship in the family.